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Tradition & Technology

THICKNESS: 0,15 TO 2,00 MM   |   WIDTH: 500 TO 2.500 MM   |   OUTPUT: UP TO 1.500 KG/H


‑ New Single Screw Extruders from 50mm to 150mm

‑ COEX, multi layers A‑B / A‑B‑A

‑ Geared Melt Pumps

‑ Automatic double pillar screen changers / Automatic self‑cleaning filters ‑ Specific designs and advanced performance flat dies

‑ New 2018 serie 5 rolls calander with special rolls internal design

‑ Haul off, cutting systems, 2/4 shafts winders

‑ Complete set of downstream equipments

‑ Easy machine operation by LCD touch screens

‑ High level of automation and process optimization solutions

‑ Remote access and assistance for remote diagnostics.

THICKNESS: 0,15 TO 50,00 MM   |   WIDTH: UP TO 5.000 MM   |   OUTPUT: UP TO 3.000 KG/H

Robel / b.g.plast provides the most advanced and modern technologies of foils and sheets extrusion. Our equipments and solutions are developed for the optimal production of several final products for various markets, such as Packaging, Thermoforming, Automotive, Textile, Civil constructions, Medical and special applications.

BGPLAST IMPIANTI SRL is a world wide leader and pioneer in high quality Flat die Extrusion Technologies, Special projects, latest technologies and high capacity extrusion lines for foils, sheets, boards and technical products.

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Flat Die Extrusion

Tailor made solutions for: 

‑ Optical quality PC / UVPC / PMMA / PETG

‑ Corrugated PC / PVC / PET

‑ "Bugnato" dimpled sheet PEAD

‑ "T‑Grip" / "V‑Stud" PEAD + PEBD

‑ PVC foam

‑ Medical PVC

‑ Conveying TPU

‑ PP/PC Hollow profile



PET 100% flakes PET.3D®

Complete extrusion lines for foils and sheets specifically developed for working with PET bottle flakes. Thanks to our process and PET.3D technology, the line can be fed with 100% PET flakes without any drying nor chrystallization. ‑ Specific loading and forced feeding hopper for flakes

‑ Special Extruders 3.D with triple venting system

‑ High performance VACUUM pump

‑ COEX A‑B / A‑B‑A, Geared Melt Pumps

‑ Silicone bath for thermoforming

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Since 1987

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